Proteins and the Nutrition Formula

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Many experts have given various proportions for the amount of proteins to be consumed as a part of our diet.
But lets look at what proteins are made up of-Amino acids

· alanine – ala – A
· arginine – arg – R
· asparagine – asn – N
· aspartic acid – asp – D
· cysteine – cys – C
· glutamine – gln – Q
· glutamic acid – glu – E
· glycine – gly – G
· histidine – his – H
· isoleucine – ile – I
· leucine – leu – L
· lysine – lys – K
· methionine – met – M
· phenylalanine – phe – F
· proline – pro – P
· serine – ser – S
· hreonine – thr – T
· tryptophan – trp – W
· tyrosine – tyr – Y
· valine – val – V

Out of the 20 there are 8 essential amino acids meaning those which cannot be synthesized by the body and have to be supplied from our diet.
For muscle makeup the cells should have all the amino acids especially the essential amino acids.

So what’s the relevance from the nutrition point of view? Good question.

There are two kinds of proteins. The complete ones and the incompletes proteins.

The complete proteins have all the 8 essential amino acids and so are complete.

Consumption of the complete proteins is the way to go.
They are found in poultry products, meat, eggs, milk.
Make them a part of your diet.

The proteins from vegetables and mostly vegetarian diets are incomplete and therefore not recommended for health and fitness purposes So what’s the solution-Combination.

Combining two vegetarian sources of proteins will do as good as eating a complete protein.
Combination of cereals and pulses is a good example.


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